Demi Lovato celebrates her 19th birthday today, so the 'Skyscraper' singer still has two more years to go before she can drink or purchase alcoholic libations legally. However, the starlet, who famously went to rehab last year for personal issues that did not relate drinking or drugs, was photographed with a male friend at a grocery store picking up a case of beer for the festivities. TMZ posted the photo of Lovato, who was wearing little-to-no-makeup and still looking as naturally stunning as ever, which was taken last night.

As we see it, there's no crime in accompanying someone on a beer run or hanging around with people who toss back a few beers even though you can't, but let's hope Lovato's pal is of-age and that she wasn't consuming any beverages that she isn't legally allowed to. She is certainly well within her rights to enjoy her last year of being a teen ... As long as she does it cleanly.

Let's also hope that the media doesn't runaway with this photo and assume that Lovato has more issues to address. She is doing so well post-rehab, and has done a terrific job of positioning herself as a role model for young girls and as a crusader against bullying.

Happy birthday, Demi! Have yourself a virgin margarita and a wonderful day. You deserve it, girl!