Demi Lovato is everywhere lately. Fresh off a 'GMA' performance, the singer, currently grieving over the loss of her father Patrick, who died last week, covers the August issue of Canada's Fashion, smoldering with thick, winged eyeliner and dark, chocolatey locks.

The singer and actress is fashionable in a clingy, multi-colored print dress. While she's sporting a buttery blonde hue and a layered shag cut nowadays, we'll admit we're partial to her darker locks, like the one she's rocking on this cover.

In her feature, Lovato talked about L.A. life and was honest about her perspective and perception, which is her calling card. She opens up and she reveals things, erasing a barrier between herself and Lovatics.

Lovato, who was born in New Mexico but raised in Texas, revealed that L.A. taught her quite a bit. "L.A. has opened my eyes," the 'Heart Attack' singer said. "I learned that ignorance stood in the way of my insight. I wasn’t really being honest with the way I used to live. I was pretending to be a role model during the day and turning into a wild child at night. I could remember word for word what my bullies said to me. Last night I had nightmares about it … just degrading things that hurt me and affected self-esteem. It affected the way I look at girls my age. I used to fear them."

Leave it to Lovato to lay her emotional cards face up on the table.

The Demi-covered ish of Fashion lands on July 8.