Crush alert!

While Demi Lovato may be demonstrating her love for her hot boyfriend via a mural constructed entirely of photographs of the couple in her leaked 'Give Your Heart a Break' video, real life is a bit different. Lovato admitted to crushing on one of the members of "It" boy band One Direction.

So which one has warmed Demz's heart and turned her into a Directioner of sorts?

It's Niall Horan, the Irish member of the group. Lovato shared the news during a web chat with MSN Music U.K. (thanks Ace Showbiz!). She was asked who her celeb crush is and she immediately exclaimed, "Niall. He is so adorable." Tru dat, Demi!

Turns out Niall may be a bit of a Lovatic. He spoke highly of Lovato, having once said, "I'd like to see her, alright. She's of similar age, she seems to be a nice girl." He also watched and gave props to her MTV special, 'Stay Strong,' calling it "an amazing story."

Demi and Niall, sittin' in a tree…

In all seriousness, though, they'd be a totally presh couple, wouldn't they? They are both good-looking, talented and famous, so they can totally relate to one another, in addition to looking utterly fab at red carpet events. While we're just getting to know Niall as One Direction are part of the British Boy Band Invasion of 2012, we've followed Lovato's struggles for the past two years and we want to see her happy. She deserves it. Sure, we're writing fan fiction here, but we'd love to see these two hook up!