Demi Lovato, you are the definition of a tease! The 'Stay Strong' starlet released yet another teaser video for her upcoming single, 'Give Your Heart a Break.'

Lovato holds hands and gazes adoringly at a gorgeous guy who, to our delight, has no shirt on. Nice! The camera zooms in on some pretty flowers here and there, but Lovato is the star of this show. The shirtless guy is usually somewhat out of focus.

While in previous teasers they've simply glanced at one another flirtatiously and hugged whilst the gent was fully clothed, in this one, the duo actually do something about it -- or look like they may have just did (ahem). They hold hands (check out Demz's cute coral mani!) and Lovato gets a bit bashful, biting her bottom lip and giggling.

The full video drops on April 1, and with the amount of teasers she's been dangling like carrots in front of Lovatics' faces, we're hoping against hope that she follows through and lets us see the whole thing -- and that it's not a cruel April Fool's joke for her fans!

Watch Demi Lovato 'Give Your Heart a Break' Teaser Video