Demi Lovato is currently promoting her comeback album 'Unbroken' and she hit New York City and Los Angeles for two major shows around the release date last month. In a new blog post at, Lovato, who has adopted a "sharing is caring" approach to helping fans in light of her own recent stint in treatment for personal issues, talked about the methods she employs to stay sane while on the road and dealing with show biz life.

Lovato first revealed that one of the Demi-o-philes showed up to her Manhattan show dressed as a skyscraper, made out of a cardboard box, in homage to her hit single. Halloween came early at the show. The singer also revealed that she does two specific things to achieve balance while when it's chaotic on the road and her equilibrium is out of whack.

She revealed the following tips:

"To stay strong and healthy in the midst of the craziness, it’s really important to me to try to find a balance between work and personal time. I love what I do so much that sometimes it’s tough to tell the difference! But to make sure I find time for myself, I think about my family and friends and fans who support me no matter what—it’s that unwavering love that helps me stay calm and focused. When I’m on the road, I like to have dinner with friends and family and try to see some sights. When I was in LA for my last show, I made time to go bowling afterward, and it was so much fun!"

Thinking of her family, going bowling and having dinner with friends are all activities that keep our gal Demi on the up and up. See, she's not much different from us!

The 'Skyscraper' singer also revealed that napping is crucial when on the road, thanks to the crazy schedule a touring pop star has to adhere to. She doesn't want to hit the wall, so she makes sure to carve time out for some shut eye, however brief.

"It’s also really important that I keep myself healthy when I’m traveling. I try to make time for naps if I have to get up really early," she said. "I also make sure to drink hot tea with honey when I am talking a lot during interviews or singing on stage every day. And luckily, dancing and staying active also helps me to feel healthy and happy. But performing takes a lot of energy so I have to make sure I eat enough and get plenty of sleep."