With the premiere of 'X Factor' literally days away, new clips from the upcoming season have been coming out of the woodwork, and the clip we have for you of Demi Lovato getting dissed just might be one of our faves!

We only had the audio last time, but this video shows a hopeful contestant who was auditioning for the show, and let's just say his audition didn't go too well. He got defensive and snarky, saying he worked "really hard for this," and it left the judges baffled. But it wasn't until he criticized Lovato's work that s--- really hit the fan.

"A lot of people work really, really hard for their dreams," said Lovato. "But it's not meant for everybody." Well, apparently Mr. Contestant didn't take too kindly to that, because his response? "That's why you use Auto-Tune and I don't." How many people can say they've made Simon Cowell almost spit out his drink in disbelief? This guy can.

The judges quickly came to Lovato's defense, but it was Britney Spears who took the reigns. "I wanna know who let you on stage," said a clearly disgusted Spears. "I feel uncomfortable with you even staring at me."

We love it!