Out of rehab and back on top, Demi Lovato is ready to make another smash hit, hopefully with the help of (drumroll...) controversial rapper Eminem?

"He's my favorite rapper, so anything with him would be amazing," said the fresh-faced and happy Lovato in an interview with Seventeen. No word from the 'Love The Way You Lie' rapper yet on whether the partnership will happen. You reading this, Em? You got Demi's digits? Give her a ring.

After spending three months in a treatment center, Demz has emerged with drive, purpose and confidence. "I cherish a whole new meaning to my career, which is to be an inspiration," the rejuvenated and healthy 'Skyscaper' singer told Seventeen. "It's no coincidence that I've been put through a lot at such a young age."

Now, the sky's the limit for Lovato, who is no doubt looking forward to having fun with friends Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez, who were there for her during her time of need. When you've got ambition, positivity, and great friends, what more can you ask for? Well, I guess you can always ask for a collab with Eminem.