Demi Lovato will drop her new single 'Heart Attack' on March 4, so of course the singer is already planning ahead for the video, in which she is going to show off a look we've not yet seen from her.

That's impressive for Lovato, who is a style chameleon. On just one season of 'X Factor,' the show she may or may not return to this year, she sported long blond locks, pink tips, deep, rich brown waves, heavy bangs and more. She doesn't stick to one look, that's for sure. That's why she's gunning for it in 'Heart Attack.'

"I think the image of the video, I'm taking on a different look this time around," the 'Give Your Heart a Break' singer told MTV. "I feel like I have my own thing going, like rocker, chic sophisticated, just a different kind of fashion style this time around."

The video will certainly nod to fashion, as Lovato said, "A lot of the music video, I think, is going to be fashion-based but also performance-based. I really just like to rock out, especially in music videos when I can just have so many times where I can perform."

We want to see Demi rock out!