Demi Lovato has released a lyric video for 'Give Your Heart a Break' with a personal touch. The clip features images of Lovato writing the lyrics in her journal as she sits on a bench in a quiet garden.

Most of the lyric video utilizes a split screen to show Lovato writing on the left and a close-up of her words on the right. Her words are an attempt to reassure a guy that she's really after a relationship and won't burn him like his past girlfriends.

Lovato sings, "The day I first met you, you told me you'd never fall in love / But now that I get you I know fear is what it really was / Now here we are, so close yet so far, haven't I passed the test? / When will you realize baby, I'm not like the rest."

The lyrics are personal and emotional, which is to be expected given that the song was written by Billy Steinberg and Josh Alexander. Steinberg has a three-decade history of writing hits like Madonna's 'Like a Virgin,' Cyndi Lauper's 'True Colors,' Heart's 'Alone' and Divinyls' 'I Touch Myself.'

'Give Your Heart a Break' appears on Lovato's latest album, 'Unbroken,' and the singer promises that an official video for the track is coming in 2012.

Watch the Demi Lovato 'Give Your Heart a Break' Lyric Video