Demi Lovato teased the 'Give Your Heart a Break' video by releasing several super short teasers this past week, generating loads of excitement and leaving us yearning for more, since the clips only gave us a tiny hint of what was to come. Well, the vid was set to premiere tonight on E! at 8PM, but it leaked early. What a Monday morning treat for Lovatics.

In the clip, the always gorgeous Lovato explores the memories of her relationship with a loving hottie, which is spliced with clips of her performing and thumbing through and posting photos of their time together on a wall. We see flashbacks of them painting together, heading out on a road trip and more. They document their love with lots and lots of photos.

In the shots where the couple is happy, holding hands and snuggling romantically, they are bathed in sunlight and wearing light-colored clothes, as if to symbolize the brightness of their togetherness. During the rough patch, when they are apart, missing each other and presumably broken up, they are both dressed in black and moping. She is singing and emoting hard, all the while looking amazing in her black leather jacket and fingerless gloves, while he is sulking in his pad and turns a photo of them face down.

Out of sight, out of mind, right? Not really.

In this day and age where everyone takes photos via camera phones and posts them in a public forum like Twitter or Facebook, Lovato goes the old fashioned route. She takes the physical photos and creates a mural of her and her BF comprised entirely of the individual shots. She posts it outside of the window of his loft. We see a radio, which is likely blasting their song to get his attention and draw him to the window (channeling 'Say Anything,' perhaps?). He looks out to see the mural.

That's either totally crazy, insanely creative or unconditional love. Whatever the case, it makes a statement without saying a word.

Watch the Demi Lovato 'Give Your Heart a Break' Video