Alright, Demi Lovato. You've definitely got our attention now!

The songstress was on the set of her video for 'Heart Attack' and while she hid most of her outfit under a fluffy white robe, one thing stood out to us. Are you impossibly stumped? If you guessed... Demi's hands were painted jet black, then congratulations you can pass 'Go' and collect $200!

The singer also had her brand new short haircut pulled back in a slick bun. What's the matter, Demi? Didn't want to show off your new 'do in the video?

The former Disney star has given us reason to believe her style will take a bit of a left turn for the next chapter of her career. She told MTV News, "I think the image of the video, I’m taking on a different look this time around. I feel like I have my own thing going, like rocker, chic sophisticated, just a different kind of fashion style this time around."

Lovato also hinted at what we can expect from her upcoming video, "A lot of the music video, I think, is going to be fashion-based but also performance-based. I really just like to rock out, especially in music videos when I can just have so many times where I can perform."

Fashion + performances + black hands = 'Heart Attack' video. Like we said before, you got our attention, Demi!


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