Demi Lovato's hands were coated in thick, shiny black paint for her 'Heart Attack' video. The image of her hands slicked in an oily-looking substance is emblematic of the video and the singer revealed just why she did "that."

"The video is all about being afraid to fall in love because you don't to get hurt again," the singer said. "So you see me in all white, representing something pure. But the black on my hands represents the things I can't let go of. It's the leftover pain and suffering from past relationships."

That's a pretty deep thought right there.

Lovato also revealed what she was going for, fashion-wise, in the clip, which features the singer shifting between both light and dark in terms of her makeup and her clothes. She revealed that she wanted something sophisticated yet rocker and chic at the same time, which is what her personal style has been evolving towards over the past year.

She was also able to step into heels, which was a big deal since she was walking wounded for so long. It was the first time she wore heels since she broke her ankle, so she had to be careful hobbling around on them. The good thing that came out of that? "I was able to perform more through my face and my emotions, and my body language up top," she said.

Lovato also said that her face coming out of the black paint was about stepping into a new beginning.

It makes you think differently about the song and the vid, doesn't it?

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