Demi Lovato has released yet another track off of her 'Unbroken' album, which is slated for release on Sept. 20. Two new songs from the 19-year-old songstress have already leaked to the Internet -- 'Who's That Boy?' and 'All Night Long.' Now, Ms. Lovato is letting fans get an early listen to her song 'In Real Life,' which premiered on the AOL Music Blog.

'In Real Life' kicks off with slightly distorted keyboards -- this element gives the beat within the verses a carnival-esque sound as Lovato sings her heart out about a broken relationship. The slightly ominous and twisted beat is consistent with the roller coaster of emotions that have come along with Lovato's tumultuous relationship.

"In real life, I’m waking up alone / And it’s one more night / You didn’t make it home / And one more time, you won’t pick up the phone / In real life, you never bring me flowers / When you’re here, it’s only for an hour / I’m getting used to being on my own," Lovato sings in the first verse.

As the chorus rolls around, the song picks up sonically, and many more instrumental layers are added. Lovato's voice also takes on a bigger, richer sound as she sings about the way she wishes it were with her boyfriend. It is quite evident that Lovato is pouring herself into the song as she sings, "But in my dreams I’m waking up to roses / Champagne, kisses and I know it’s always / Always gonna be / Gonna be this way."

Lovato brings in a little R&B flavor, channeling Mary J. Blige's track 'Real Love' as she sings, "Then I wake up / And realize, realize, this is real life / Real life, this is real life / Real life (real life) / Real life."

Overall, 'In Real Life' is a great, foot-stomping lovesick tune that Lovatics will love and new fans will be singing along with. We think Lovato has not only grown as a person this past year, but that she has evolved musically as well.

Listen to Demi Lovato, 'In Real Life'