Trendy U.K. clothing retailer Topshop has opened a Topman location in Los Angeles and the stars, like Demi Lovato, Jennifer Lopez and Chris Brown, were out on the town to welcome the clothing store to the City of Angels.

Lovato showed up in rocker chick chic, which is part and parcel of the Topshop aesthetic. She matched her oversized leather jacket with her studded boots and a boot-like cast on her foot while hobbling around on crutches. She looked stylish, even when walking wounded. BTW, we love her hot pink lips. That's such a "right now" makeup trend and she wears it well.

Jason Merritt, Getty Images

La Lopez was also on hand, in a loud black and orange, patterned, mosaic-like outfit with tights and chunky heels. It was a busy look for the normally glamazon diva. Maybe this is her version of casual? We don't love it, that's for sure. It's too loud. A rare misstep for J. Lo. The magenta lipstick clashes with the orange in her collar, too. WTF was she thinking?

Mark Davis, Getty Images

Breezy was extra casual in his hoodie, jeans, jackets and sneaks. He looked like Breezy, rocking his street style. We bet Rita Ora covets those kicks.

Jason Merritt, Getty Images

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