'Camp Rock' fans and Demi Lovato/Joe Jonas shippers rejoiced last night (Oct. 27) when the two singers reunited to perform 'Wouldn't Change a Thing' during her New York City concert.

"I think you guys might know this song," Demi teased, before bringing Joe onstage. "I haven't sang this song in years ... and this is just for you guys."

If the crowd wasn't screaming loud enough when the song kicked off, the sound was officially ear-splitting when Joe appeared. (Seriously, things got really, really loud.) As any Disney Channel fan knows, the two performed the track in 2010's 'Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam.'

While we were just happy to bask in 'Camp Rock' memories, it's also worth nothing that Demi and Joe still sound amazing together. Time stands still, guys. #CampRockForever.

Relive the magical moment (sans Joe's former flat-ironed curls) of the 'Wouldn't Change a Thing' duet in the video above!

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