Attention, Lovatics. Demi Lovato, new 'X Factor judge,' covers the June issue of Cosmo. We already commented on how summery she looked in a lemon yellow, figure-hugging dress but Demz also revealed some key info about her hopes, dreams and her future in the accompanying feature. Turns out she is a traditional gal at heart.

"I want to be married with kids in 10 years," she admitted (quotes courtesy of Oh No They Didn't!) Does she have a type when seeking a man? Not really, other than the fact that he must make her laugh. She continued, "Obviously, I have to be attracted to him, but a sense of humor really does it for me. I don't have many deal breakers. I've done so much in my life, it doesn't feel right to judge other people."

While she is open-minded, there is one thing she won't stand for. "One quality I won't tolerate?," she mused. "I would never be with a guy who is controlling."

Lovato isn't concerned that a guy will already know about her past – the bulimia, the cutting and the well-publicized treatment she underwent in 2010 and the subsequent role model she became in the ensuing year- beforehand. "What's more embarrassing is that his mom will already know my life," the 'Give Your Heart a Break' singer admitted.

In addition to wanting a hubby and a brood of kids, Lovato addressed the more immediate future, saying she is "making that transition into being more adult." One of the ways she plans to be more grown up? By dressing sexier! Demz, are you trying to set off a four-alarm fire? You're already hotter than a boiling kettle, girl!

Of course the Cosmo feature explored Lovato's much-discussed treatment, which we already know plenty about. One point she expounded on was the intervention staged by loved ones. They expected her to battle them, but she didn’t put up a fight. "My family expected me to fight them on going to treatment," she says. "They were going to call the cops if I refused, but I went willingly."

While in treatment, she discovered she was bipolar. But the diagnosis was not a life ruiner. "I felt relieved when I found out," she shared. "Like, I'm not completely crazy, there's a medical reason for all of it."

Demi Lovato: An inspiration to us all.

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