Oh that national anthem of ours. While beautiful and a symbol of patriotism, it's always a scary song for pop stars to perform and for American fans to watch, since it's easy to botch -- a move that makes headlines and becomes fodder for the media and 'SNL.' Just ask Christina Aguilera. Singer and 'X Factor' judge Demi Lovato tackled the task in Detroit at Game 4 (Oct. 28) of the World Series, featuring the hometown Tigers, who are facing elimination at the hands of the San Francisco Giants. So how did Demi do?

She did just fine, even if she did drift and certainly took liberties with the melody and went up and down with her voice. At some points she had us going, "Wait, did she just miss a word?" Overall, the 'Give Your Heart a Break' hitmaker delivered a dramatic, breathy rendition, but she didn't seem to mess up the lyrics nor did she forget a verse.

Dressed in all black, and looking leggy in those thigh-high, "means business" leather boots, Lovato showed that she can sing and that she can hit the big notes. We often forget that Lovato is a singer, given all the attention she received for her rehab and treatment, and her role as a reality show judge. But when it comes down to brass tacks, Lovato's got a stronger voice than we sometimes give her credit for.

PopCrushers and Lovatics, what did you think of Demi's rendition of the national anthem?