Teen queen Demi Lovato made a massive and exciting announcement during her live chat via Cambio last night, and it was the fact that her forthcoming, as-yet untitled new album will be released on September 20.

Lovato, who was sitting in a studio with big brown waves tumbling down her shoulders and piles of statement jewelry on her fingers and dangling from her wrists, said, "My new album is releasing… are you guys ready? September 20th," Lovato said. "There we go. Yay! I am coming out with my third album and I am very excited."

This third album will house her current iTunes No. 1 single, 'Skyscraper.' So there you have it, Lovato-ites. Your heroine will release her album this fall. Now we're looking forward to her revealing the title! She did say that the new album is "the coolest album I have ever done" and that her vocals will be the centerpiece. She said, "I am showcasing my vocals more like I did on 'Skyscraper.'"

Lovato touched on a lot of topics, such as how much she loves jazz singer Billie Holiday (for how strong she was during a very difficult time); how she views the music industry ("Don't let it go to your head, and of course, stay strong, which is is my own motto"); the 'Skyscraper' video ("The song is raw and emotional, and I was vulnerable, so I didn't want it to be glamorous"); the music she's been listening to (a lot of hip-hop); and what instruments she plays ("I play piano and guitar, and I pretend to know how to play drums!")

Lovato also brought her little sister Madison in midway through to participate in the chat and to help her field the tweeted questions, which were flooding in. Lovato revealed that given her busy schedule, her mom is doing her a solid and potty training her new puppy, Oliver.

Well, when you have a No. 1 single to promote and a new album on the way on September 20, sometimes you need to lean on mom for help with your canine!

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