'X Factor' judge Demi Lovato is quite confident about her upcoming fourth album, which will follow up her hit-producing 'Unbroken.' So confident, in fact, that she says that she will be bringing "the sound of real music" back.

At first, we were not quite sure what that meant, since it's not like her peers are creating the sound of "fake" music, but Lovato did offer some insight into her process while in the studio. She also explained what her comment meant.

She said, "I'm bringing the sound of real music back. I think Adele does a great job — they are catchy pop songs, but it's real music and there are instruments. I want to bring a lot of that back."

Ah, so Lovato, who has completed about three songs for the platter, which is on schedule to drop next year, is essentially saying that she doesn't want to rely on synths or studio trickery. Makes sense.

Lovato continued, "There's going to be some fun, lighthearted songs with kind of a throwback sound. But I say one thing and then I spend like a month in the studio and it ends up being totally different, so I don't know."

That's called the creative process and evolution, Deemz!

Lovatics, are you excited about Demi's fourth album? Can you even handle the details that Lovato shared? The singer has been recording next door to 'Glee' star Lea Michele, so we think the two should stage an impromptu duet. Wouldn't that be super fun?

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