Are we getting a whiff of love in the air between Demi Lovato and Niall Horan of One Direction? It sure seems like it!

Lovato is currently in the U.K. (along with her bum leg) for London Fashion Week, and it sounds as though the 20-year-old 'X Factor' judge and 19-year-old 1Der have been spending some quality time together.

Demi told Yahoo (via Entertainment Wise), "Niall is really one of the most fun people to be around. It has obviously not been great hobbling around on a broken leg – but Niall can even make that funny." She continued, "He can make light of the most serious situations – and every girl needs somebody like Niall in their life." So pretty much the brace-faced boy band heartthrob is hubby material and Demi is taking notice. We are rooting for these two crazy kids!

This is not the first time Niall and Demi have been linked somewhat romantically, either. The puppy love started all the way back in June of last year when they both admitted they were buddies and spoke very highly of one another. They went on a taco date after the 2012 MTV VMAs and Demi reportedly told people that she and Niall were "casually dating" back in October. Have they upped their status to "exclusive" from "casual"? Anything Facebook offish yet?! We need to know!

It seems as though these two are upping the ante with their budding relationship to which we say, kudos! With Horan setting out on a 110-city world tour and Demi set to release another album, we wish them the best! Keep it real, you two!

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