Think that Nick Jonas' new job as the creative and musical director on Demi Lovato's Neon Lights Tour is a step down for the newly solo star? No way! Nearly all of what Lovatics see on the tour will have been envisioned and executed by Nick, and she couldn't be more pleased about it.

The youngest Jo Bro and his good friend and star of the Neon Lights show talked to MTV News about what exactly Nicky J's role entails.

Since they are pals who share a manager, they were able to sort logistics quickly and easily.

"Phil [Demi's manager] and I were going through ideas for the tour and I always want his [Nick's] opinion on stuff cause he knows exactly what he's talking about," Lovato told MTV. "And he had visions for this tour and he threw out some ideas and they were really good and we just thought, 'Why don't you just do the whole tour, please?' so it's turned out amazing and like 90 percent is his work."

Jonas is in a "season of transition," with the Jo Bros splitting last fall. Instead of diving headlong into something brand new, Nick, who has both Broadway and TV experience, is enjoying a different, more behind-the-scenes opp with someone he adores and respects. For now. It's a true resume builder of sorts.

"I love my relationship with Demi and our friendship," Jonas, whose older brother Joe once dated Demi, said. "The fact that she asked me to come in and sort of help take her visions and her dreams and turn them into a reality onstage was an honor and the show looks amazing and I think this is going to be the best show she has put on for her fans."

Lovato was equally gushy and complimentary about her colleague and BFF, saying, "I have ideas and he makes them happen and then he also has really amazing ideas and sometimes it's like before he even says them they are in my head, so it's pretty amazing how well we work together."

They've been doing this for so long that there is no room for subtext or hints. "Our relationship as friends allows us to be transparent with each other and just lay it out," Jonas said. "What makes it uncomfortable in these settings is when we have to tip-toe around things, but we can just throw it out and know that there is trust there and we are just both trying to put together a great show for her."

For this incredibly visual tour, Lovato wanted to give fans something special each and every show, and she took cues from Beyonce, actually.

"I was also really inspired by Beyonce, who had a music video for every single song on the album," Lovato admitted. "And some of these I had music video ideas for a while and ... I'm excited for people to see it."

Lovato and Jonas also reimagined some of Lovato's song, rearranging them. "We've made them more current too, so we've transformed songs that went to being made a couple years ago to actually sounding like today's music," Lovato said.

The pink-haired hottie was coy when asked if Jonas will come out from backstage and make any guest appearances on the stage, saying, "We've always had collaborations with music so that's not something that's new to us, but we have to keep come secrets. So ... maybe."

Oh Demi, you TEASE!