Demi Lovato is keeping busy! During her Demi World Tour, the singer opened up about falling onstage and more!

Demi confessed that she slips so often that there are compilation videos of it on the internet, adding that she doesn't take it seriously.

"The first time I sat in bed all day and cried, but then the next time I ... it's an on-going joke with my fans," she explained to Z90 San Diego.

Demi also talked Halloween, confirming that she will dress up this year, but isn't sure what exactly the costume will be.

"It'll include fake blood," she promised. "That's the only time you can use fake blood the whole year."

And while she's been so busy traveling the world, apparently Demi made time for a special collaboration with Olly Murs! In a live webchat, the British singer opened up about the track, which will be featured on his upcoming album, 'Never Been Better.'

"The first [collaboration' I'd like to talk to you about is Demi Lovato," Olly said. "I have a song on the album featuring Demi, which is really, really cool ... The track's called 'Up,' and I'm very excited she's on it. I think it's a really cool song. I've always wanted to do a duet with -- we were looking around, trying to figure out who to get. We did ask quite a few different artists at different points, but we didn't quite work out."

However, Olly explained that ultimately, Demi was a perfect fit!

"Demi was the perfect person. She was, I think, kind of what I needed on this album," he said. "She's so huge in America, but just sort of getting some heat wave here, and obviously I've got fans here in the U.K. and obviously I want to do it in America, so I think it's a really great collaboration between both of us."

Watch Demi talk her tour and more in the video above, and Olly discuss their collaboration in the video below!

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