Photos of stars without makeup are always jarring. Most celebs and pop stars -- like Demi Lovato -- employ an entourage of stylists and makeup artists. When their glam squads aren't around or they are left to their own devices, we often get to see said stars in all their natural beauty. No false eyelashes. No eyeliner. No lipstick. No bronzer. Nothing!

The lovely Lovato showed us what she looks like without makeup and tweeted an au naturel photo of herself, adding the caption: "Going for a more natural look today. What do you think?"

With her dark hair pulled back, her well-manicured, bold eyebrows, bare eyelids and a hint of pink flush on her lips, Lovato looks stunning. In fact, she is even prettier without makeup than with a full face of products.

She looks cute in her hotel-style, plush white robe and shows off her pretty face that doesn't need the assistance of makeup. However, in Hollywood, the shimmer and the shine is all a part of the show biz scene and young starlets like Lovato are forced to keep up. We're proud of her for having the courage to dare to go bare. Lovato looks fresh-scrubbed and bright-eyed. We want to see more of her like this.