Demi Lovato announced a handful of intimate shows for New York City and Los Angeles later this month and the dates sold out in a half-hour. Demand for Demi is high! The coastal shows are slated for NYC's Hammerstein Ballroom on Sept. 17 and LA's Club Nokia on Sept. 23 and the singer promised her horde of dedicated fans that these dates could very well be a teaser for an upcoming bigger jaunt. The shows are also a token of appreciation for her fans.

"It could be a tease for a bigger tour. I don't know," she said coyly to MTV News. She did reveal that the major market appearances are meant to express her gratitude and to be a hearty "thank you" to the fans who have stood by her throughout her recent personal issues and who have supported 'Skyscraper,' the first single from her new album 'Unbroken,' which lands this month. On Sept. 20 to be exact.

The shows also serve as a preview and a warm up, so Lovato can wear away any rust that formed from being off the road and off the stage for such a long time.

Lovato continued, "It definitely is [a preview]. I wanted to say thank you to my fans. I wanted to show them how thankful I am for the support they gave me for 'Skyscraper.' At this point, 'Skyscraper' has done so well because of them, and I want to show them how thankful I am." Aw, Demi Lovato hearts her fans!

She did acknowledged that she is a little anxious, saying, "I'll be really nervous to get back onstage for the first time since then, but I'll be really excited."

We're excited, too, Demi! Don't be nervous. Your fans love you just the same.

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