As her new single 'Skyscraper' rockets to the top of the iTunes chart, Demi Lovato decided to sit down with Ryan Seacrest to discuss the personal problems that led her into rehab last fall.

In a candid interview, Lovato told the broadcaster what prompted her to seek treatment:

"I basically had a breakdown and I did some things that I regret to this day. There was a bunch leading up to it, emotionally and physically, that I was doing to myself, that I realized was unhealthy for my life, and I wasn't gonna continue to be alive if I continued to treat my body the way that I was. So after years of struggling with an eating disorder and depression and cutting, I decided to go seek medical help."

Lovato said she began having suicidal thoughts as young as seven years old, due to her undiagnosed bipolar disorder. But she hid her condition for years: "It was night and day. On camera, I could totally turn it on. That's part of being an actress and a musician. You go onstage and no matter what you're dealing with behind closed doors, you go out there and you put on a show."

The 18-year-old said she had the words "stay" and "strong" tattooed on her wrists after leaving treatment, to cover her scars and to remind herself to keep fighting. Lovato recorded 'Skyscraper' before going to rehab and she considered the inspirational song a wake-up call that she could actually conquer her demons.

Lovato wanted to speak out because so many other girls deal with the same issues and do not have a support system to help them. "If I can help somebody my telling my story," she said, "I'm gonna do that 100 percent."

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