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On the hunt for a fall must-have? Then look no further! The ankle bootie, seen on the well-heeled feet of your favorite pop stars in the video above, is a smart buy because it's versatile, since the shoe goes with jeans, leggings or skirts. You can wear the ankle bootie with anything in your closet or with any new fall fashion purchases or pieces. So you'll be getting more bang for your hard-earned buck.

Demi Lovato donned a pair with her flirty black lace dress, while Hilary Duff dressed up cuffed jeans and a graphic tee with a leather pair. Style star Selena Gomez added a buckled pair of ankle booties to her monochromatic black ensemble.

See! Those are just three of the many ways you can wear booties, all the while emulating your fave pop divas.

Ditch the flip flops and stop bemoaning the passing of summer and warm weather. You will fall back with your clock, but you should most certainly fall forward with your fashion. Fashion-forward, that is! Watch the video to find out how you can march "forward" with your new ankle booties.

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