With her incredibly public and gawked over stint in a treatment center in the rear view, singer Demi Lovato continues to be open, candid and honest about her recovery. However, in her feature in the September issue of ELLE, which is accompanied by a darkly seductive spread, Lovato reveals key details about the drama that unfolded a year ago.

Lovato, who turns 19 later this month, looks happier and healthier than ever in these dark, romantic and almost gothic shots. There are high fashion images of the singer in a gown whose hem is dragging in the sand, with a swing set off in the background. It's almost a photographic metaphor for how the child star was forced to grow up quickly, with her childhood fading away as she became an adult too soon. There's another shot of the singer seated, pouty and wearing a pair of killer heels along with an ultra revealing dress.

The 'Skyscraper' singer also reveals new information about her treatment, and what caused it. She admits that last summer sucked for her, that she was "out of line" and that her behavior was bad, acknowledging that she had "the worst attitude" and "was totally ungrateful." It takes a courageous person to admit those flaws, and Lovato does just that.

She also recalls how she punched her back-up dancer, who eventually sued her; they settled out of court. Lovato decked the dancer mid-flight and said she did so because she felt betrayed by her. However, Lovato is not justifying putting up her dukes, saying, "When you punch someone on a plane, enough is enough."

Lovato is quick to point out that her split with fellow pop singer Joe Jonas, which took place before her treatment, stung. But it did not hasten her "meltdown." She had way more stuff going on in her life to attribute her issues to a guy or a failed relationship! Lovato admits she has had no contact with Jonas since the breakup and he was not a contributing factor to her requiring treatment.

The article wraps with a frank chat about her history and her issues with cutting, including a red carpet gaffe back in the day that caused her publicist at the time to be fired for how poorly she handled a photo of Lovato with scabs on her wrists. It's an engrossing read and you will walk away learning more about Demi Lovato than you knew before.

We have to applaud Lovato for being so open with her public and her fans.

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