If you're a pop star these days, there's a pretty solid chance that you're cutting off your hair at this very moment if you haven't hacked it off already (see Miley Cyrus).

Demi Lovato is the latest pop sensation to debut a shorter new haircut. The singer posted this picture to her Twitter on Tuesday (March 12), with the caption, "New hair!!!!"

Demi has never been one to shy away from trying new trends on her tresses. The 'Heart Attack' singer is a natural brunette, but she's had her hair dyed black, blonde, red, pink, blue and even a caramel ombre.

It could be that Demi is showcasing a new look to go along with her new album. She said her style would be a little different in her video for 'Heart Attack,' saying, "I feel like I have my own thing going, like rocker, chic sophisticated, just a different kind of fashion style this time around."

Lovato has typically always worn her hair long, so this cut is definitely a big change for the songstress! Maybe she's moving towards pulling a Miley... on second thought... probably not.

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