A new batch of 'X Factor' promos have landed to ramp up excitement for the Season 2 premiere, set for Wednesday, Sept. 12. In one clip, Simon Cowell and newbie Demi Lovato go at it, while in the other, Lovato and Britney Spears talk about their judging styles. Brit is the "subtle" judge while Demz is the "happy" one.

We know that Cowell can dish it out on the show when it comes to contestants and fellow judges, but Lovato goes toe-to-toe with him. There's a clip of her calling him "old and impatient" and of her giving him a breath mint for getting so close to her pretty face; clearly Lovato has spunk and is able to hold her own with the acid-tongued veteran.

In the longer and more involved clip featuring Brit and Demi, Brit talks about how much fun she is having and how it's a new experience for her. "The talent has been amazing," she declared.

She says her judging style is subtle before a clip of her claiming to connect with a competitor.

Lovato loves seeing people you can tell are going to go on to be huge stars. She calls herself the "happy" judge who is really honest. In fact, she deems the whole panel of judges this season to be honest.

There's no L.A. Reid in any of these promos.

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