It's almost hard to believe it's been four years since Demi Lovato was first released from a treatment facility, but she's since been incredibly open and honest about how difficult things have been for her over the years. She's suffered from eating disorders, addiction, self-harm -- just to name a few -- and she's sparked a necessary dialogue about the stigma of mental health that's been seriously lacking.

Her fans are insanely proud of her for sticking with her new lifestyle and had #4YearsUnbroken trending on Twitter. Soon after, a fan posted a Facebook status online, supposedly written by Demi's older sister, Dallas, directed toward her little sister, expressing just how proud she is for staying clean, healthy and positive. You can check out the full message below:

Dear my little sissy:
I don't know how to start writing this to you.. There've been already 4 years since one of the happiest days of my life, after 90 days without you at home on January 28th you came back and you came better than EVER. That day when I saw you I saw a different woman, you were happy, strong and healthy, and I couldn't believe that! You know how much I cried of happiness when I saw your wrists were clean of cuts and that meant everything to me. It was hard (and it's still hard) to keep going on, to keep fighting against your illness but you did it, you won every single battle and I'm proud of that. I'm proud that after 4 years you're healthier and stronger every single day. Keep fighting my little love, NEVER give up. I love you more than life itself and you know that more than anyone. I'll always be by your side little sista. One again, I love you so so much!!

We love that Demi has managed to surround herself with people who offer her continued support in her lifelong commitment to recovery, and that her family continues to stand by her through everything.

Congratulations on the past four years, Demi! Here's to many more.

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