It is clear that Demi Lovato's new single 'Skyscraper' means a great deal to the singer and former Disney actress. Not only does it mark her comeback to music, but it also deeply reflects Lovato's actual mental and physical state as she works to overcome personal issues. Therefore, it is no wonder as to why the 'Skyscraper' songstress is giving accolades to the song's co-writer, Estonian singer Kerli.

Demi Lovato is a huge fan of the Estonian songstress, and she even tweeted a message to Kerli, writing, "Also HUGE thanks to @kerlimusic for writing on #SKYSCRAPER!!!"

For those who aren't familiar with Kerli, the 24-year-old is known for her sexy yet sweet and often outrageous goth look, which is kind of like Tim Burton's 'Alice in Wonderland' meets Gwen Stefani Harajuku Barbie style. Her haunting electro pop tunes and kind of creepy and captivating videos like 'Tea Party' and 'Army of Love' have been making waves throughout the world.

In turn, Kerli gave her praises to Ms. Lovato, citing her as a strong person with huge talent. She recently told JSYK, "I am so grateful to be a part of [Demi's] journey and contribute to the story that is inspiring so many. With a courage beyond her years and a voice of a legend, this is just the beginning."

Although their personal fashion styles are very different, we think a collaboration is in order for these two pop princesses! We think that the fusion of their sounds would be music to our ears!

Watch the Demi Lovato 'Skyscraper' Video