Demi Lovato's photoshoot with Tyler Shields presents many different sides of the teen singer. Perhaps the image that stands out most is the one that captures her aggression, when she smashes a pane of glass with a sledgehammer.

The People's Choice Award winner looks intense while drilling the glass, holding her ground as shards fly everywhere. The bright light behind the glass casts a glow on Lovato's face and hair as she engages in the destruction.

Shields, whose lengthy history of celebrity photoshoot subjects includes Lindsay Lohan and Backstreet Boy AJ McLean, told the Daily Mail about working with Lovato: "She’s fantastic. Such a lovely girl, very sweet and easy as pie to work with. She’s also very good at breaking things. I tossed her a giant thing of glass and said, 'Smash the hell out of it. Also, you get one take, so don't mess it up.'"

Shields added on his website, "I have received more emails asking me to release this shoot than any other shoot I have ever done. Lovatics are dedicated fans!"

While other pics from the session show Lovato sporting a sexy stare, a sweet kiss face and a mischievous lollipop lick, the glass-breaking photo is one both the photographer and the subject should be especially proud of.