Demi Lovato is seen snuggling up to her man in the latest teaser clip from her 'Give Your Heart a Break' video, which drops on E! April 2. It's super duper short – only 21 seconds, which is torture, since we want more, more more! If there is one thing the teen queen knows how to do, it's ramp up excitement for her legion of Lovatics.

While we don't get too good of a look at the fine, young gentleman that Lovato is cuddling with, we do see the singer's beautiful face, with a smile spread across it, from ear to ear. Lovato herself has said that the song is not about having a broken heart but is about "fighting for the one you love." That's always a noble battle to engage in, and Demi does it so well.

She looks genuinely happy for those precious few seconds and why, yes, it certainly does make us excited for the whole thing, which drops in a week.

Lovato released a previous, even shorter trailer for the video, as well.

We'd like to know what PopCrush readers and Lovatics think about Demi with her auburn hair? She rocks a much lighter hue here and while, duh, she looks gorgeous no matter what shade her strands are, we want to know how fans feel about this particular color.

Watch Demi Lovato 'Give Your Heart a Break' Teaser