Calling all Lovatics (aka Demi Lovato fans). The teen queen tweeted a promo photo from her upcoming, top secret MTV special, set to air March 6. The image is striking, but it's not of Lovato's beautiful face or expressive eyes. It's of her hands.

Lovato's wrists are face up, with her swirly "Stay Strong" script tattoo in full view and adorned by a heart and a lipstick kiss on either side. She's also sporting dangerous, sharpened-to-a-point, black lacquered dagger nails. Those things could do some damage.We hope Demi doesn't wear contacts or she'd need a personal assistant to help her remove them thanks to those talons.

The photo is certainly meant to capture Lovato's fierce, never-give-up quality, which made her a role model for teens dealing with eating disorders and bullying. She posted this tweet along with the image: "Lovatics-I wanted to tell you FIRST about a special I worked on with @MTV. It premieres March 6th at 10pm!"

Further details about the special are scarce, but one can surmise that it's going to detail her 2010 rehab stint. Lovato has been dogged by return-to-rehab rumors for several weeks, all of which she and her handlers have denied. Demi is indeed staying strong.