March 6 is shaping up to be Demi Lovato Day, since her documentary 'Stay Strong' airs on MTV tonight at 10PM and she began her morning performing her single 'Give Your Heart a Break' on the TODAY show. So Lovatics can enjoy footage of their heroine during breakfast and dinner. Check back tonight, since we'll recap the doc right here on PopCrush.

Looking gorgeous and grown up in a black dress and heels, with her light brown hair falling waves, Lovato revealed the catalyst for tonight's special, saying what she has said all along about her struggles. "I decided to tell my story because I know there a lot of young teens out there, boys and girls, dealing with the same issues I went through," she declared. "If I am able to use my voice to do good in the world, I want to do that."

The world needs more Demi Lovatos. That's for sure. She is one of the bravest teen celebs working today.

Lovato, 19, then performed a spot on rendition of 'Give Your Heart a Break,' which is an empowering anthem that the youth can embrace.

The singer/actress/role model also revealed that she will be going on tour again, but expressed a case of nerves about that. She said, "I’m excited and fearful. I’m always nervous before I go on the road and being in front of all those people."

Remember, Demi, all those people are fans who love and adore you. Don't be nervous!

Watch Demi Lovato Perform 'Give Your Heart a Break' on TODAY