It's Twister time with Demi Lovato! The "Really Don't Care" singer took over the official Twister Twitter handle (there's a mouthful) and participated in the biggest game of Twister ever!

Here's how it went down: Demi hopped on the @Twister handle Tuesday afternoon (March 10), basically turning into the Official Game Master and Spinny Arrow Turner (these are obviously super official titles that we didn't just make up or anything) and instructed fans to put everything from their right hand on green to their left foot on blue. Things got a little cray:

As Demi tweeted each instruction, fans responded by tweeting pics of themselves participating in the game, which essentially became a worldwide party. Pretty cool!

Some fans cast doubts that it was in fact Demi Lovato tweeting from the account (since the tweets were a little formal and all), but we just have to say that we'd give our right arm (on red, duh) to have a casual game night with the pop star. Because really, how insanely epic would that be? A virtual one was pretty cool, but yep, we're still holdin' out hope for a real one.

Snacks on us, board games on Demi. Sounds like a plan! Right, Lovatics?

Watch Demi Lovato explain her @Twister Twitter takeover in the video above!

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