Demi Lovato is getting her fans excited for the release of her upcoming album 'Unbroken' with the release of the LP's official track listing. According to an announcement posted on her official website, the album will consist of 15 new tracks from Ms. Lovato, with five collaborative tracks from some major players in hip-hop and pop.

The album opens with Lovato's track 'All Night Long,' which features rapper Missy Elliott and producer/rapper Timbaland. From the sound of it, the singer is very excited about this track, saying, "One of the best experiences I’ve had was definitely flying down to Miami to go work with Timbaland and Missy Elliott ... Missy Elliott got on one of the tracks, and it’s called 'All Night Long.' It was really fun!"

The star power continues to play on with features from Jason Derulo on 'Together,' and -- as we reported earlier -- Dev on 'Who's That Boy,' and Iyaz on 'You're My Only Shorty.' The album also closes with a remix of her debut single, 'Skyscraper,' which was done by Wiz Dumb, who frequently works with Timbaland.

We cannot wait to hear the finished product! 'Unbroken' hits retailers on Sept. 20, around the same time Lovato will be performing her first two concerts in almost a year.

Demi Lovato 'Unbroken' Track Listing:

1. 'All Night Long,' Feat. Missy Elliott and Timbaland
2. 'Who's That Boy' Feat. Dev
3. 'You're My Only Shorty,' Feat. Iyaz
4. 'Together,' Feat. Jason Derulo
5. 'Lightweight'
6. 'Unbroken'
7. 'Fix a Heart'
8. 'Hold Up'
9. 'Mistake'
10. 'Give Your Heart a Break'
11. 'Skyscraper'
12. 'In Real Life'
13. 'My Love Is Like a Star'
14. 'For the Love of a Daughter'
15. 'Skyscraper' (Wizz Dumb Remix)