Will you be our Valentine, Demi Lovato? Not only did she announce the title of her next single, 'Heart Attack,' but she's also performing a Valentine's Day concert in Los Angeles to celebrate the opening of a new Topshop. And we all know how much Demi loves that store, considering almost her entire 'X Factor' wardrobe came from there.

She tweeted, "So excited for the @Topshop opening @ the Grove on Feb 14th! Join me to celebrate with a special performance in front of the store @ 3:30pm!" You heard her, LA Lovatics, get on down to Topshop!

We know she's premiering her new song 'Heart Attack' on March 4, but perhaps Ms. Lovato will give fans and fashion enthusiasts a sneak peek? She has to! It would be downright un-American if she didn't! Alright, we're getting a little carried away, but we just want to hear her new song. Hook us up, Demi!

Watch the Teaser Trailer for Demi Lovato's Single 'Heart Attack'