Yesterday, Lena Dunham gave a shout out to singer Demi Lovato via Twitter. Now, Lovato used the digital space to sorta "stalk" Ben Stiller. She saw the funnyman on the streets of New York and videobombed the actor.

"Say hi to Jimmy Fallon," she shouted from the backseat of the car. Perhaps she was filming a segment for the late night talk show. Then she saw Stiller and yelled, "Ben Stiller, buy my new album on iTunes, it's out now. It'll give you a heart attack. F--- yeah!"

She then cackled! That's some shameless and smart self-promotion.

While Stiller was probably thinking "Who or what the f--- was that," Lovato filmed the "interaction" and shared it with Lovatics. If she really wanted Stiller to check out her album, she should have tossed a promo copy out the window and hoped it didn't hit anyone! With 'Demi' out now, she's bound to be carrying copies on her.