'Let It Go' is the song that keeps on going -- 2014's Energizer Bunny of sorts -- when it comes to tried and true Disney songs. Despite the fact that it was originally released over a year ago, the covers just keep on coming. So today we come to you with a difficult question: between Demi Lovato's version and Lea Michele's -- whose cover of the 'Frozen' song do you like better?

To be fair, Demi Lovato's version has been out for over a year, as it was released in conjunction with the movie. We've been totally obsessed with Demi's insanely powerful vocals belting out the words from the moment we first heard 'Let It Go.' Her ability to seamlessly transition from vulnerable, soft delivery to a more powerful sound is unreal, and perfect for the song.

Lea Michele recently recorded 'Let It Go' for the final season of 'Glee.' It first debuted in the promo trailer for the TV show, and we're not gonna lie -- hearing Lea's Rachel Berry belt it out while knowing this is the last season of 'Glee' we're ever going to see might have made us a bit emotional. OK, that's a lie. We're totally emotional over it. Pair that with Lea's incredible vocals and it was almost too much to handle.

So, PopCrushers, whose version of 'Let It Go' do you prefer? We know it's a tough choice, but we're leaving this one up to you guys. Cast your vote for Demi or Lea in the poll below!

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