Tattoos tend to hold deeply personal messages for those who go under the needle, and while Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus' rib tattoos have very different meanings, we couldn't help but draw comparisons between the pretty, feathery piece of body ink.

If you had to pick between one of the two, which tattoo pleases your aesthetic more? Demi's feathery quotation tattoo, or Miley's dreamcatcher design?

At first, Demi Lovato only had the words "you make me beautiful" tattooed on her ribcage, which by the way, is a terribly painful spot to get a tattoo, so Ms. Lovato must be very brave. The words are actually lyrics to one of Demi's favorite songs, 'Beautiful' by Bethany Dillon, which she credits with helping through her darkest hours. Later on, she had the feathers added for an airy, feminine touch.

Miley Cyrus, on the other hand, received her feathery, dreamcatcher tattoo in honor of her family -- specifically, as a tribute to her brothers and sisters. The dreamcatcher is a symbol of protection, and the four feathers represent each of her siblings. It was her largest tattoo for a long time, but now it might be rivaled by the lengthy Teddy Roosevelt quote she received on her forearm (fiance Liam Hemsworth has a matching one too).

Both of the meanings are special, but on physicality alone, which tattoo do you like the most? Peep both Demi and Miley's rib ink below and cast your vote!

Valerie Macon / Mike Moore, Getty Images


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