It may be a few days after Halloween, but Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' is always in season! Both Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus have done MJ's famous 'Thriller' dance. Whose do you like better?

Demi Lovato broke it down when performing her version of the number, flaunting not only her killer voice but some seriously impressive (and hot!) dance moves -- much to the delight of all of the shrieking Lovatics in the audience. And as another nod to the famous Michael Jackson, Demi even donned a black and gold jacket with square shoulders, looking very similar to the one that the King of Pop himself famously donned once before. Work it, girl!

It may have seemed like Miley Cyrus just started twerking in 2013, but her 2009 'Thriller' dance totally proved otherwise -- girl was totally shaking her butt VMAs-style while performing the hit in concert! For the most part, however, Miley followed the traditional dance but still managed to give it to the ol' Miley spin. She's just bein' Miley, after all.

Whose 'Thriller' dance do you like better? Lovatics and Smilers, cast your vote in the poll below!

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Watch Miley Cyrus' 'Thriller Dance'

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