Demi Lovato and Vanessa Hudgens both switched up their locks in a bold new way this week! Demi chose to dye her hair a dark teal, while Vanessa went for a bright red. Whose new dye job do you like better?

Of course, color chameleon Demi Lovato isn't a stranger to switching up her look, so it comes as no surprise that she decided to dye her locks a deep teal. The 'Really Don't Care' singer has rocked the blue-green hue before, but we like it even better this time around! The color is so rich and so fresh (she just dyed it last night), and Demi is totally glowing. We love how Demi always keeps us guessing!

Vanessa Hudgens is also fond of frequently changing up her hair, but we hope she keeps the red -- at least for a little while. The former 'High School Musical' star is sporting somewhat of an ombre look (she's still rocking those dark brown roots) but the majority of her hair is now a vibrant fire engine red. In fact, her new hue is so fierce and fiery that it totally compliments her bright red lip color. Super cute!

Whose hair color do you like more? Cast your vote for Demi Lovato or Vanessa Hudgens in the poll below!

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