Demi Lovato is making the promotional rounds as she prepares for the premiere of Season 2 of 'X Factor,' which will mark her first as a judge on the reality singing competition. Lovato is all of 20, but she has experienced a lot, from professional success, with her latest single 'Give Your Hear a Break' going No. 1 this week, as well as personal hardships and triumphs, stemming back to her treatment for emotional issues and cutting. All of those factors combined make Lovato worthy of a judge's role.

Lovato, looking adorbs in a lacy and demure black frock which she paired with dark lips and long, wavy blonde locks, smiled throughout her chat with the late night host. She did admit that she struggles with critiquing people who are older than she is on the show. Her comments about how she approaches judging only serve to make us more excited to see her in action once the season kicks off on Wednesday, Sept. 12.

She talked about her banter with co-judge Simon Cowell, where they both are playful with one another. In the montage of clips, she comments that he is old no less than three times and then spits a mouthful of mints into his hand. Those two! So cute. It's also adorbs to watch Britney Spears take in their verbal back and forth.

Watch Demi Lovato on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon'