A shorter-than-short snippet of Demi Lovato's 'Heart Attack,' the first single from her upcoming fourth album, has leaked.

The hook, where she sings, "If I ever did that / I think I'd heave a heart attack," sounds clubby and synthy, and it's less singer-centric pop than the tunes that populated her last album 'Unbroken.'

The song also appears to be more studio treated. Lovato may be making a stylistic sonic turn with this album. She already said her look and fashions would be changing, so why wouldn't her sound?

Granted, it's like four seconds of the song but it sounds like a new Demi Lovato sound is being born. She looks futuristic and rock 'n' roll on the single cover. The song is available March 4.

What do you guys think of what you heard so far?