Taylor Swift visited 'Ellen' on Wednesday, where the newly-crowned Billboard Woman of the Year announced that she has no man, unless you count Detective Elliot Stabler and the rest of the cast of 'Law & Order.'

“I for real don’t have a boyfriend," Swift insisted. "I sit by myself and I watch 'Law & Order.' I don’t have a boyfriend. I don’t even have kind of a boyfriend. I don’t have someone that I’m texting that is a guy that someday might be my boyfriend. There’s like nothing going on right now.”

Swift added, “If you’re the girl that needs a boyfriend and once she loses that boyfriend, needs to replace it with a different boyfriend … It’s just this constant stream of boyfriends all the time. I don’t feel like I ever want to be that girl. I want to be the girl that when she falls in love, it’s a big deal and it’s a rare thing."

Hmmm ... Since so many of Swift's best songs have been about her love interests at the time, like Joe Jonas and John Mayer, what will her single status mean for Taylor's next album? Her fans are probably going to expect more than songs about her favorite tv shows!

Watch Taylor Swift Talk Boyfriends on 'Ellen'