If Dev's smash hit 'In the Dark' is any indication of where her career is headed, 2012 is going to be a huge year for the singer. Dev's new 2012 album, 'The Night the Sun Came Up,' which marks her first full-length LP, drops on March 27 (according to Amazon.com). This one is sure to be chock full of club-ready tracks from the dance-pop songstress.

So far, Dev has changed the release date for 'The Night the Sun Came Up' twice. Originally, the Californian and new mom had her album slated for release in Sept. 2011. However, Dev pushed it back to Jan. 2012 and then again to March 2012 because she wanted to include more songs on the album (opposed to the 13 tracks we already knew of) and to let her hit single 'In the Dark' get as big as possible. "I didn’t want any of my fans to be upset [about pushing the release date back], but I knew that letting ‘In the Dark’ grow a little bit would be a positive thing for the album and I knew that being able to add more records would be good for the fans as well," Dev told ArjanWrites.

Back in October 2011, PopCrush caught up with Dev about pushing her album back to January (now set for March 2012). She said, "I was actually in the studio these past couple of weeks and the Cataracs and I recorded four more songs. So we’re actually adding more to the album which was kind of important to me, ya know, now more than ever — I want kids to have as much music as possible."

Before she began to add more songs, Dev had only collaborated with friends/producers the Cataracs on tracks for her new album, including the single 'In the Dark' (and possible 'Bass Down Low' which may be included on her debut LP) and 'Lightspeed' (which she dropped a video for). However, as time went by and more songs began to make their way onto the Internet, it was clear that Dev had a few more tricks up her sleeve.

Dev recently released the song 'Naked' with Enrique Iglesias, and another collaborative track with Martin Solveig ('We Came to Smash') has been circulating through the web. Dev has also released an official video for the track 'Dancing Shoes.' In addition to these three, the Fabolous-featured track 'Kiss My Lips' leaked. The official track list for 'The Night the Sun Came Up' hasn't been confirmed as of yet, but 'Naked' and 'Dancing Shoes' will most likely be included along with her chart-topping single 'In the Dark.'

When we asked about Dev's new album and the tracks she is most excited for fans to pump on their headphones and radios, she said, "There’s one track on there, the opening track, that really explains a lot about my personal journey from my hometown to Los Angeles — that whole interesting rollercoaster. Then there’s one about my life now as an entertainer because three years ago I was like opening boxes at Old Navy, and now my life has like completely changed, so it’s kind of cool. And uptempo tracks too!"

Dev continued, "I just can’t wait for everybody to sort of see us — I feel like we’ve matured a lot with our sound. The album is very personal, even like the dancer songs, if you listen to what I’m saying, it’s very personal, but it’s still youthful because I wanted to capture that. Even though now I’m embarking on motherhood and marriage and stuff like that, it was important for me in this album to reflect the past three years and the journey of everything, and I think the next album will reflect everything I’m going through now, obviously."

2011 was a huge year for Dev, giving birth to her first child and becoming a well-known name in the pop music biz thanks to 'In the Dark.' However, 2012 is sure to be even bigger, now that she's well on her way to becoming a bonafide pop superstar with her new 2012 album 'The Night the Sun Came Up.'