New mom Dev has offered up her cover of the nu wave '80s hit '99 Red Balloons,' delivering the catchy song in her signature breathy vocal style. No matter what she sings, Dev always sounds like sexy gal. The original (also called '99 Luftballons'), dropped in 1983 and was a protest song performed by Nena; but Dev slowed it down a bit and makes it sound like a lullaby, one that she can veritably sing to her new daughter Emilia Lovely.

Dev recently spoke about motherhood, declaring that she and her fiance are "cool f---ing people" so that was how they plan to raise their bundle of joy.

It's a busy time for the singer, as 'The Night the Sun Came Up' has finally dropped, after multiple release date delays. This cover is a nice way to enjoy a different side of Dev, who has punk rock roots. Take a listen -- we recommend that you do so twice -- and tell us what you think. Does it make you want to check out the original? Well, guess what, you can do that, too, since we've posted it below. Which version do you like better? Or do they both stand on their own strong feet?

Listen to Dev, '99 Red Balloons'

Listen to Nena, '99 Red Balloons'