Dev's new video for 'Dancing Shoes' addresses the pressures of self-discovery (in the public eye) while evoking Blind Melon's iconic clip for 'No Rain.'

The video opens with Dev sitting at her makeup table, prettying herself up. The footage cuts to a portly young man putting on a tutu, then back to Dev putting on ballet slippers. Soon, Dev is strolling down a hallway, then sitting in an auditorium getting ready to watch what we assume is a dance recital.

Soon, the chubby, adorable geek dances his heart out (not unlike the famous 'Bumblebee Girl') -- but unfortunately, the audience doesn't appreciate his efforts. They groan, they roll their eyes and some of them leave. Dev simply sits, sings and smiles -- that is, until a fellow audience member cruelly throws a banana peel onstage. Dev looks horrified as the dancing dreamer, oblivious to the slippery obstacle, steps right on the peel.

He goes flying into the air, but before he hits the ground, Dev takes action. She pushes the crowd, knocks over their snacks and rushes the stage to catch the dancer. He looks on gratefully, and Dev joins him onstage, leading a dance to their own drummer.

We wonder what the sultry 'In the Dark' songstress will say about the inevitable influence of a '90s classic in her own music video. Do you think the videos are similar?

Watch the Dev 'Dancing Shoes' Video