New mom Dev is back to work, and her new video for the hot number 'Naked,' featuring the always smoldering Enrique Iglesias, has dropped. She's been firing off videos with great frequency as of late, as though she's in the midst of a creative boon after giving birth.

Here, Dev and the Latin dynamo narrowly miss one another several times throughout the course of the clip, as they each navigate a busy casino. Both look distant, as though something is missing. It's a casino, for God's sake, essentially a hotbed of fun and sin, which are usually the same thing. Why do these two young and attractive people appear so unfulfilled?

Well, for starters, we have to point out that Dev's looking hot, as we watch her swiping CK lipstick across her pout -- hello product placement -- while getting ready to troll the floor of the casino. She's on the go, as if she is searching for something, and all hip and stylin' while covered in layers of gold jewelry and her hair cut in blunt bangs. She certainly turns her fair share of heads and has a good time, but she keeps having that missed connection with Iglesias. There are a few scenes where she's looking longingly across the bar, like the shot above.

They do meet at the very end of the video … or do they? We won't spoil it for you. You'll have to watch for yourself and find out how it ends for Dev and E. Iglesias.

Watch Dev + Enrique Iglesias in 'Naked'